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Dodasa RanchTucked away in a quiet Gold Country valley is Dodasa Ranch. Dodasa Ranch is located on 272 acres in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, in Calaveras County, which is steeped in rich Gold Rush history.  Legend has it, that a stage coach route actually ran right through Dodasa Ranch. And some locals tell the tale of a stage coach held up by bandits who buried the stolen strongbox containing the loot somewhere on the property. We’re still looking for the buried treasure! 

While living in the city we had dreams of raising our daughter in a rural setting where she could ride her horse, climb trees and explore the world. So we escaped to the country, and never looked back.

Dodasa Ranch is owned and operated by the Parker family since 2002.  Living here allows us to focus on the things that matter most to us. We are inspired every day by the beauty of the surrounding hills and California Oaks. After living here and enjoying the beauty of the foothills we knew that other people would want to escape to the country too. So we decided to share our piece of sunshine with everyone!! Our vision is to create a place where people can come together with family and friends to share special moments of their lives together.  We knew our special place needed a unique name and after careful consideration decided on the first two letters of each of our names, Don, Dawn, and Sara.  And Dodasa Ranch was born.

We have many trails that run through the ranch allowing horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, nature walks, and treasure hunting.  Dodasa Ranch also has two small lakes, Sara Lake with “Castaway Island” in the center is used for swimming, kayaking, pedal boating and many other water related activities. And, The Fishing Hole, a one acre lake teeming with fish ready for catching, and even more water related activities.

Dodasa Ranch is located within minutes of three local lakes--New Hogan, Camanche, and Pardee allowing boating, wakeboarding  and other water related activities. Dodasa Ranch Camp utilizes the natural wonders of Calaveras County including two state parks--Big Trees and Columbia State Park for out camp adventures such as rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and more.

The inspiration to create Dodasa Ranch Camp came from our own wonderful summer camp experiences.  We believe every child should have the chance to experience the life changing benefits of summer camp. We know we will have positive influence on your child’s life.  Dodasa Ranch Camp is a place to be with friends, to learn, to grow and to build wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

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