At Dodasa Ranch Camp, our daily schedules are flexible, action packed, innovative and fun!

Gold panning at Dodasa Summer CampOur well-rounded program offers the ideal balance of choice, skill building, team work and hands on instruction for all of our activities. Every Monday you’ll have the opportunity to create your own schedule for the week. You will choose activities that interest you, and explore new activities that you have never tried before. We promote a can do spirit here at Dodasa Ranch Camp. We believe that if you want to achieve something you only need the proper training and to give it your all. We encourage you to try new things and to overcome fears you may have knowing that our warm and caring counselors are there for you every step of the way. One thing is certain you will do things you never thought possible and have the time of your life doing them.

Morning and Afternoon activities include exciting water sports, arts & crafts, and more physical activities like paintball, dune buggies and possibly even trying our challenging rock climbing wall. You will be grouped with campers your own age for most of your activities. Every evening includes exciting evening activities such as Treasure Hunts, Find the Counselor, Movie Night, Casino Night and watching Plays & Skits put on by Campers and Counselors and much more!

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A Typical Day at Dodasa Ranch Summer Camp

7:00am   Optional early morning activities including fishing, jogging, swimming, horse roundup, etc.
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Cabin clean-up
9:00 am Campers choose first selection of morning activities
10:30 am Campers choose second selection of morning activities
Noon Free time for pool, lagoon, etc. (important "down time" to enjoy friends and surroundings)
12:30 pm Lunch
1:15 pm R & R / letter writing
2:30 pm Snack & campers choose first selection of afternoon activities
4:00 pm Campers choose second selection of afternoon activities
5:30 pm Free time
6:00 pm Dinner
6:45 pm Family time (camp family gathers for mail call, sharing of day's events, personal recognition, etc.)
7:30 pm All camp activity (group games, dances, campfires, etc.)
*9:00 pm Snack time and cabin time
*10:00 pm Lights out

* Cabin Times and time for lights Out will vary according to the camp family's need for sleep.