Overnight Camp

Cabin exampleOur overnight camp is truly something special here at Dodasa Ranch Camp. Our overnight campers not only get to participate in all of the activities at the ranch, but they may also choose to participate in our away trips as well. The food at Dodasa Ranch is amazing. Our meals are served buffet style, so it’s all you can eat, and there is a wide variety to choose form. Our chefs prepare well balanced, healthy meals, and our menu varies daily. We provide three meals per day plus snacks. Much of the food we serve is grown right here on the ranch. We always try to use organic practice when growing or food. With our over 8000 square foot green house, and raised bed gardens, we have the luxury of growing most vegetables year round.

We have built brand new rustic style cabins which include a shower, toilet and double sinks, so our campers never has to leave the safety of their cabin during the night. Each cabin sleeps ten campers and two counselors. Our campers sleep on bunk beds which we milled from pine trees and constructed in our wood working shop. Be assured our campers sleep comfortably on our 8” thick memory foam mattresses. Each camper is given their own cubby and a space under their bunk bed to store their personal items.

We provide one counselor for ever five campers as well as many additional support staff, ensuring that our campers are well cared for. All of our counselors and staff have been trained in CPR and basic first aid. We have frequent patrols during the night, after all our campers safety is our top concern.  ENROLL NOW and buckle up because you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime!!

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